Cube Escape (Multiple Iterations)

Published by Rusty Lake. I played this on Android. 

Free Iterations: The Mill, Harvey’s Box, Seasons, Arles, Case 23, Theater, Birthday, The Lake,  Roots, The Cave
$ Iteration: Hotel

The Short: A favorite of mine. Twisted humor, beautiful and unique artwork, worthy mythology. One of the greatest? Or the greatest? I’ll leave that to you.

Recommended if you like Twin Peaks,  old postcards, black forest cake

Description: Horror elements and comedic gore. The mythology is interesting and spans all the iterations without being intrusive. Great puzzles with exquisite cascade. The puzzles tend to be quite difficult and also a bit on the absurdist side so I highly recommend starting with some easier escape games before diving into this series. Cube Escape assumes you already have some familiarity with the format of an escape game. As a result, some of these iterations get incredibly sophisticated. In Birthday, for instance, you actually time travel. It’s a brilliant addition onto the regular escape game format.

 Extras: The picture below demonstrates the interlocking aspects of the Cube Escape mythology across the different iterations. If you have never played, skip this. It will not help you during a game. It’s just nerd fun. The other pictures are screenshots to show off the artwork.
Rusty Lake overview.png
Source is Cube Escape Wikia: 




Difficulty:  Hard
Difficulty Elementsesoteric puzzle arrays | readily apparent puzzle arrays | Absurdity | lots of cascade | unique solves


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