Samorost 3 ($)

Published by Amanita Design. Played on android. 

The Short: Gorgeous graphics, pretty music, intriguing mythology. This game actually made me have real feelings. It costs $5.00.

Recommended if you like fairy tales, dreaming, Tim Burton’s early stuff.

Description: So technically speaking this isn’t an escape game. It’s a point-and-click action adventure game. But trust me on this. Samorost is the chillest adventure I’ve ever been on. Explore planets, encounter bizarre critters, solve good puzzles. Samorost is a kindred spirit of the Myst franchise, especially in the sense that there is zero exposition or instruction. Hint: Open that red book in your inventory (the one with the eyes) sooner rather than later. It’s a game changer.

Note: I did not play Samorost 1 or 2 because they are not available on android. If there were available, I would buy them.

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Difficulty: Hard
Difficulty Elementsesoteric puzzle arrays | Absurdity | low cascade | unique solves


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