Publisher: Neat Escape

This is a review for a publisher that makes dozens, if not hundreds of escape games. I played them on android.

The Short: Whereas Can You Escape? is the gold standard of escape games in terms of quality game play, Neat Escape manages to be the most quintessential. Like the Family Feud to Can You Escape?’s Jeopardy.

Recommended if you like escape games. Lots and lots of escape games.

Description:  With its efficiently acceptable Japanese graphics and standard puzzle structures which endlessly recombine, Neat Escape delivers a relatively fresh experience each time. And yet, there is something very unhinged about Neat Escape. Is it the aggressively mundane locations that you are forced to escape from? Including but definitely not limited to Bathroom, Park, Budget Hotel, and Cage. Or perhaps it is the twee elevator tunes pretending to be lounge music?  And what’s with all the cheerful sunshine streaming in from every window regardless of directional exposure? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the simple fact that sometimes Neat Escape‘s animations completely violate the laws of physics.

Hundreds of escapes, hours of enjoyable play await you with your lovable friend Neat Escape. Just be sure to create your own suspension of disbelief.

Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty Elementsreadily apparent puzzle arrays | no Absurdity | okay cascade | typical solves


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