Spotlight Room Escape

Published by Javelin Mobile. Played on android. 

The Short: 
Harder than the average escape game and, therefore, more rewarding. Also, clever use of a timer as a spook/narrative element.

Recommended if you like
atmospheric creeps, being timed, Franz Kafka.


Creep-realism with great music. I particularly like the puzzles in this series. This game has good cascade which puts it several cuts above your average escape game. There seems to be a small hint of mythology but mostly this is just clear cut puzzle solving in rooms that look like they belong in the movie Se7en. A beginner could hold their own in this series because the puzzles start out very straightforward.  A seasoned player will quickly advance to the more challenging levels.

Something unusual about this game is that you are timed. In the very first puzzle, this adds a very strong element of suspense. As you continue through, your finishing time on each level is recorded and measured against other players’. Kind of fun knowing what percentile you’re in.

Difficulty:  Medium
Difficulty Elementsgreat cascade | no Absurdity | invisible puzzle arrays | readily-apparent puzzle arrays | straightforward puzzles | typical solves | some unique solves


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Mind the Goons.

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