Escape Alice House

Published by: FUNKYLAND. I played it on android.

The Short: Overall this is a good escape game though I would say it is for beginners. The graphics are nice.

Recommended if you like Alice in Wonderland, mild creepiness, and “magic” sound effects.


A faithful recreation of Alice in Wonderland in puzzle form. I only played through about three rooms in this game because I didn’t find it challenging enough. Game play was very straightforward and I liked the music/atmosphere. Escape Alice House would be a great place to start for someone looking to learn the format and game play of an escape game.

There is one aspect I found annoying in this game. It may just be personal preference. Commonly, an escape game will give you a fixed view of a room with the ability to zoom in on specific areas. Escape Alice House does not have the zoom functionality. You must navigate backwards and forwards through hallways to complete multi-step collection missions. I found it irritating but perhaps I’m suffering from force of habit.

Difficulty:  Easy
Difficulty Elementsstraightforward puzzles | readily-apparent puzzles | mild Absurdity | typical solves


Published by


Mind the Goons.

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