Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Published by Haiku Games. I played this on android.

Iterations: Xmas Killer, Cost of Jealousy, Carnival, Space Crisis, Time Library, Framed, Castle, Murder Manor, Asylum

The Short: Teenage girls float around while you solve simplistic puzzles.

Recommended if you like princess things, watered-down Nancy Drew

I could not stand this game. Obviously, the product here is teen glamour but I was willing to go along for the ride. I had a Barbie or two, way back when. However, the game play in Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery was so waterlogged with exposition that I nearly got a headache just trying to get started. I mean, for god’s sake Kate! Melissa has been missing for over 24 hours and she might be in a cult! Let’s quicken the pace here a bit. The element that finally made me actually stop playing and uninstall this game was the significant pause between zooming in on an object to inspect it and then zooming out again. I’ve had more fun in waiting rooms versus playing this game.

In researching for this post, I realized that Adventure Escape has another one called Time Library. So bad it might be good, right? If I play it, I promise I’ll post about it.

Difficulty:  Easy
Difficulty Elementsreadily-apparent puzzle arrays | straightforward puzzling | typical solves | no Absurdity


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