Dreamcage Escape: Two Towers Creek

Published by Mescape LLC. I played this on android.

The Short: Garden variety escape game that gets 1 extra point for having a cool level-up structure (you climb a tower).  

Recommended if you like monastic color schemes, Clue, birdcages

Good puzzles! This one is definitely on the easier side. The mythology in this game is straight up bad but it made me laugh instead of cringe so no harm no foul. You find notes and letters that indicate some kind of feudalistic/technocratic power structure and — get this– an escape plan. The font on the notes is really what makes it funny. I think it’s Tahoma? This game was good though and I would have played all the way through except at level 9 they start asking you to pay money which I declined to do.

The graphic design is worth commenting on in Dreamcage Escape. It’s nice. The sad thing is that the aesthetic falls into this netherworld of typical escape game design. If you play enough of these things, they begin to blur together. From within the blended averages of Design Netherworld you could pull out at least three prominent styles. Let’s call one of them “Lesser Steampunk ,” another “Medieval-ish, Will There Be Fairies?” The last one I will reference for now I will dub “Better Homes and Gardens” (for more on this, see Aesthetic: Vacation on this blog). Dreamcage Escape is sort of a blend between the first two but it is the better side of average.

Difficulty:  Easy – Medium
Difficulty Elementsstraightforward puzzles | readily apparent puzzles | no Absurdity | some cascade | typical solves | some unique solves


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