Published by Kotorinosu. I played this on android.
Versions: One and Two
The Short: Funny. You die a lot.

Recommended if you like explosions, neon colors, nihilism.

I play escape games to relax. I don’t normally care for games that are action-packed and full of imminent death scenarios. Gen-Kan, however, really delighted me. You wake up in a room surrounded by all manner of lethal devices including but not limited to: toxic waste, nuclear bombs, and trap doors. The sheer variety of ways to die, and the frequency with which you do it, becomes a hilarious refrain as you work to solve the escape strategy for this room. Cool graphics, not breathtaking.  I preferred Gen-Kan 2 to Gen-Kan 1.

Difficulty:  Medium
Difficulty Elementsreadily-apparent puzzle arrays | invisible puzzle arrays | straightforward puzzles | esoteric puzzles | some Absurdity | both typical and unique solves

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Mind the Goons.

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