What’s Inside the Box

Published by Bart Bonte. I played this on android. 


The Short: Compelling proof that sometimes less is more.


Recommended if you like diagrams, balsa wood, floor pillows


I am a huge fan of kinetic/mechanical puzzles that exist in a virtual space. Think of all the people through history who dreamed up mechanical solutions to small problems or maybe just designed a few charming curiosities. Now imagine those people had an infinite work space in the form of computer programming. How many technical solutions and curiosities might they come up with? How many puzzles can be designed if you presuppose a plane, otherwise known as the face of a cube? Hundreds? Thousands?


I know there’s at least 40 levels in What’s Inside the Box because that’s where I got stuck on a particularly hard one. This is a great game. Puzzle difficulty ranges greatly. Sometimes the puzzle is related to some code or pattern on the face of the box but a good number of these puzzles take into account the natural laws of physics that affect a box. Others still require you, the player, to utilize the meta-components of the game itself.


Game play is streamlined, elegant even. I heart What’s Inside the Box.
Difficulty:  Medium
Difficulty Elementscascade | unique solves | readily-apparent puzzles | low Absurdity

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Mind the Goons.

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