Just Escape

Published by Inertia Software. I played this on android.

The Short: Average escape game that is above average.

Recommended if you like dimly lit rooms, burnt umber, Redwall

In a previous postI referred to the existence of a “design netherworld” for escape games. It’s sort of a blurred streak of middle-of -the-road design choices from which many escape games heartily partake. I noted that a few distinct themes can be culled from Design Netherworld, including “Lesser Steampunk” and “Medieval-ish, Will There Be Fairies?” So, imagine my delight when I opened up Just Escape and was given the option of either playing in Medieval mode or Futuristic mode. I shoved the game under my boyfriend’s nose, “Look! See! I know what I’m talking about!”

If the graphics are just okay in Just Escape the game play is actually pretty good. Medium-easy puzzles with cool interface features. The items you pick up are *labeled* in your inventory which is a beautiful thing. Item crafting and deconstructing is encouraged and therefore more intuitive. You can only play until about room 8 and then they want you to pay money.

One more photo since this game has two primary modes:

Yeah, okay. I know this isn’t really steampunk but you know what I’m saying with “design netherworld.”


Difficulty:  Easy – Medium
Difficulty Elementsreadily apparent puzzle arrays | esoteric puzzles | okay cascade | both typical and unique solves


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