Published by Martin Magni. I played this on android.  

In Short:  A superb game. Mekorama may be the lilliputian puzzle maze experience you’ve been craving all your life.
Recommended if you like legos, twee, Pixar
You are an adorable robot. Your giant baby eye is so top heavy that whenever you walk, you wobble like an irresistible robot toddler. Or maybe you an alien? Regardless, Mekorama is about mazes. Beautifully imagined, elaborately designed, Mekorama breathes new life into smooth, pixelated gamescapes that dominated an earlier age of puzzle games. In terms of difficulty, I found this game challenging almost right away but I’m not good at spatial reasoning. I become disoriented even in familiar spaces (I once got lost inside my high school when I was a junior). In Mekorama things quickly became too difficult for me  but I sense that this game would be difficult even for people who don’t have my proneness to becoming lost.


The mazes are not straightforward. You duck and weave through turrets, caves and towers. The only puzzling involved here is operating moving parts like bridges, elevators, or rotating spiral grates to alter each tiny building’s navigational routes. Mekorama is Tetris‘s cute pie cousin with the mega-watt eyelashes.


More photos because this game is so cool looking:




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