Escape from Escape Room

Published by noprops. I played this on android. 

The Short: Absolutely bonkers.

Recommended if you like mental gymnastics, Don Hertzfeldt, niche humor about escape games

Description: This is a great game if you are really into escape games. It’s almost like The Stanley Parable’s genius kid sister. Very challenging and the puzzle solutions are definitely high on the “absurdist” spectrum. I could not have solved this without hints and a walk through but I definitely enjoyed myself. You begin in what appears to be a normal room. And then, everything changes. Technically, I must situate this game into Design Netherworld but Escape from Escape Room is such a parody of games like the Neat Escape series that the bad aesthetic only enhances the hilarity.

Worth mentioning: Escape from Escape Room is a short form game. It won’t go on forever.

Difficulty: Hard
Difficulty Elements: high Absurdity | invisible puzzle arrays | esoteric puzzle arrays | cascade


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Mind the Goons.

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