Sunken Escape

Published by noprops. I played this on android.

The Short: Average escape game except there’s fish now.

Recommended if you like cranks, awkward sea turtles

Description: This has got to be one of my favorite jaunts through Design Netherworld. You are in some sort of flooded gymnasium that is also home to a smattering of sea creatures. The shoddy animation is only enhanced by the woeful greyscape that makes up this awkward puzzle game. Perform rigid, illogical tasks on star fish and observe fish tanks that divulge secret codes and numbers. If you love a lost cause, Sunken Escape is for you.

Difficulty Level: Medium
Difficulty Elements:  some cascade | both readily apparent & invisible puzzle arrays | esoteric interfaces | some Absurdity | unique solves


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Mind the Goons.

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