Rescue the Ants

Created by Games2Jolly. I played this on android.

The Short: A fun, silly way to spend your next 25 minutes.

Recommended if you like bad Japanese translations, clobbering things, Nickelodeon logic.

Description: Ants are being sucked into a vortex and it’s your job to rescue them. Never before have you embarked on a mission of such ambiguous importance. Goal confusion aside. Rescue the Ants is a super fun game. It’s a timed, point-and-click, puzzle adventure with stylized/wonky graphics and medium-hard puzzles.  The graphics are probably the strongest suit for this game. Definitely Nickelodeon-ish in the best way possible. Don’t forget to *drag* items. Took me over a minute to figure that out.

Difficulty Level: Medium
Difficulty Elements:  ok cascade | readily apparent puzzle arrays | both straightforward & esoteric interfaces | some Absurdity | typical solves


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Mind the Goons.

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