Escape Game “ESC”

Published by hozdesign. I played this on android.

The Short: Betrayal.

Recommended if you like true disappointments. Not the easy kind. The real kind.

Description: Okay. I am going to majorly ding on this game but I don’t want to do so frivolously.  Let me start at the beginning with ESC.

Some time ago, I was playing a stupid amount of escape games on my phone and came across ESC. At that time, this blog did not exist. I installed and played ESC for less than a day. I was completely stumped by it. I watched a walk through and felt that a solution to one of the puzzles was too hard and I un-installed the game and forgot about it.

But then I started writing Good Escape. My priorities changed. I felt that burden and responsibility that all game reviewers must feel once they take up the task of playing and reviewing all the games. I came across ESC again and thought, “I don’t remember what happened with this game but it looks so cool. I will try it again.”

As the game was installing, I read the reviews players had posted in the Google Play store. A common theme emerged: This game is freakin’ hard. One reviewer shared a theory that I found super interesting: The game is hard in order to force players to watch the Ads to get Hints. After playing ESC for the second time, I am convinced this is true.

This game could be awesome. It has so many new and interesting elements: The array of tools you can use but only one at a time, a magic doorway that leads to many different places (hi, Myst), and truly funny conundrums where you need an item to be in two places at once! And yet, this game does not play fair. One of the first big puzzles you need to solve is STILL (STILL!) wholly confounding to me. To be clear, I have probably played close to one hundred escape games in my short time on this earth. I played ESC twice, I watched a walkthrough and I still do not understand how you are supposed to get the code for the door. These are supposed to be logic puzzles, not arbitrary puzzles!

If this game sucked, I wouldn’t be so upset. But the thing is ESC is way cool! That’s what makes this so annoying. If you, reader, have played this game and feel you can explain the solution to me, please leave a comment. I will definitely respond.

Difficulty Level: Beyond Difficult
Difficulty Elements:  cascade | readily-apparent puzzle arrays | straightfoward interfaces | some Absurdity | both typical & unique solves | Item crafting / deconstruction


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