Opinion: it’s the little things

Overall I prefer creepy, indie escape games. But genre and aesthetic are far from the only two qualities that make an escape game great to play. Here are some of the little details that I look for when I’m trying out a new game:

Item Labeling

Let’s be real here, Publishers. I am playing this on a small screen. I’m sure your graphic designers are the coolest gals and dudes ever but sometimes I DO NOT KNOW what I have just picked up. Is this a rod? A fishing pole? The business end of a shot gun? Maybe if I had known all along I was carrying a magician’s wand I would have used it on that top hat a bit earlier.

Sound Effects Restraint

Silence is golden. Of course a well-conceived soundscape is an awesome extra in a game but I don’t need a transition signal for every room, text box, and object manipulation. If you do this, Publisher, I will find you. I will scream. My scream will be the only thing you will hear.

Narration Restraint


Tutorials are necessary because there are always new people in the world. I would love it though if they were always optional. Publisher, if you feel you must have an intro because you have written a cool story, you are wrong. Publish a novel. I am here to find keys and look under couch cushions for matches. Let’s cut to the chase.



1474442690_adventure-escape-framed-detektivLEAVE ME ALONE, SYLVIA. 

An Ever-Expanding Universe

Apart from living in one, it’s really fun to play a game the opens up as you play. I always give a game many bonus points in my mind when it surprises me with a whole new section of the game that I didn’t know existed before!



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