Published by Kotorinosu. I played this on android.

The Short: I wanted to like these games. I like other games by this Publisher. But both of these games required some pretty enormous leaps of inference.

Recommended if you like beanbag chairs, Debussy, tidy work spaces

There is no denying it. Kotorinosu has swell graphics. ROOM Δ and ROOM Γ are no exceptions. They are minimalist and cute. I would call the difficulty level high on both game. Even bearing that in mind, I felt cheated by ROOM Δ and ROOM Γ  two specific times: Without spoiling anything (because maybe you’d rather see for yourself) I will describe: The first incident was a multi-room solution.*  For one puzzle I was supposed to operate a machine that had modules in two rooms. That’s fine. What’s irritating is that the second module was hidden. I did not know that it existed. There was no indication on the machine that it needed a secondary input. I spent a long time operating the machine in ignorance. When I finally broke down and watched the solution I thought to myself, “I never would have discovered this on my own.” Let me reiterate here that I play a lot of escape games. If I watch a  puzzle solution but still feel that the solution was unreasonable, I think that moves the frustration from subjective feeling to objective data point.

The second thing that happened was towards the end of the other game. I had theoretically solved the puzzle (I understood the components in play and the result I needed) but one of the components would not respond when I tried to activate it. I tried and tried and finally gave up and watched the solution. The problem? The component needed to be clicked a very specific way, i.e. not the object itself but the space behind the object. I was so frustrated  by this that I am still upset about it and that’s why this description is two huge paragraphs.

*Technically, this entire game happens in one room but it is sectioned out sideways (like a galley).


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Difficulty Level: Beyond Difficult
Difficulty Elements:  cascade | both straightforward & esoteric puzzle interfaces |both readily apparent & invisible puzzle arrays | low Absurdity | typical solves


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