Bank Escape

Published by MobiGrow. I played this on android.

The Short: This might be a train wreck but nobody died so. Also, groovy music.

Recommended if you like predictable spy movies, good riffs on bass

Description: This game is pretty terrible but in that way where it is so bad I kind of love it? The graphics were conceived in the hearth, of Design Netherworld. Just picture a giant smoking factory, badly pixelated and glitching around a sprawl of copy/pasted urban scenery. That is the forge from which Design Netherworld belches forth. Sorry to get all LoTR about it but Design Netherworld is my one true foe.

So in addition to being from Design Netherworld, Bank Escape has some pretty loony toons logic behind some of its puzzles. It has also got a bad case of the Obvies. For instance, say you find a glass of water. Shortly thereafter there will be some electrical equipment with a big sign that says NO WATER. Hmmm…. I wonder what I should try next? Additionally, a lot of the items you pick up are not easily discernible. Am I holding a rod? A fan part? A lobster cracker? But the best part of Bank Escape is the music. As you sleuth around the maximum-security bank (you are a bank robber, by the way) this dubious bass line just repeats over and over again. And when you do solve a room, you’re rewarded with a gritty little guitar solo that reminds you that, at least in the realm of Bank Escape, you are one bad ass.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Difficulty Elements
: little to no cascade | readily-apparent puzzle arrays | straightforward interfaces | no Absurdity | typical solves


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Mind the Goons.

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