Published by mipp.  I played this on android. Seal of Goodness

The Short: A pleasant room with several locked boxes. Mostly your average escape game but not without its challenges.

Recommended if you like scales, perfume bottles, snooping after hours

Description: As a college undergraduate, I was a history major. It’s a reading-heavy discipline and has somehow gained a reputation of being dull or pedantic. I always wonder how that can be since historians are some of the most gossipy, catty people, snickering both up their sleeves and inside the margins. In history, there’s always a crude detail or a sloppy mistake when you’re combing through material in the archives.

A mistake — especially in a primary source document — is a special and intimate thing. Whether you’re discovering it yourself or just reading about it in a more accomplished researcher’s publication, it’s these little human touches that suddenly make history feel alive.

So when I came across a game literally called UntitledESC2, I was very excited. Who failed to name this creation!? Where is UntitledESC1?! What a precious, tiny catastrophe.

This is a completely decent game with a few challenging moments. Pivot around a living room in neutral tones, read between the lines, collect some multicolored cubes and balance the scale. This game is good.

Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty Elements: 
ok cascade | readily apparent puzzle arrays | both straightforward & esoteric interfaces | no Absurdity | typical solves


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Mind the Goons.

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