If you’re not sure what an escape game is, this escape game wiki on TV Tropes has a general explanation. You can tell that whoever wrote it didn’t like escape game very much. 

About this site: I play a lot of escape games. Mostly free and mostly on android. While there are many sites that review live-action escape games, very few gaming sites engage with escapes available on mobile or online platforms. Additionally, when certain escape games do manage to merit review, they are only the escape games that have won awards or cost money. I will only spend money on this hobby sometimes. As a result, I have played a significant number of the free escape games in the Google Play store. So, I can comment on a broader variety than most other review sites and I feel I have a pretty good handle on what sucks and what doesn’t suck. In fact, as you read through this blog, be on the lookout for my Seal of Goodness.

The second reason I started this blog is I have noticed that many people do not like escape games. Reviewers seem to begrudge positive coverage (unless it is some award-winning, flashy new thing) but I am very content, and even sometimes happy, to play regular escape games. The award-winning, flashy new things are good too but they are not the only reason I play. Maybe some people will read my blog and develop a curiosity and a liking for escape games.

About me: Female human living in Los Angeles. I do not identify as Gamer. I started this blog because I like to read blogs about my hobbies. I could not find a blog about escape games so I decided to start one. My dad is always telling me to do that sort of thing.