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Can You Escape?

Published by MobiGrow. I played this on android.

In Short: Gold standard escape game.

Recommended if you like tranquil living rooms, low key music, and being safe in the knowledge that winning is its own reward.

Description: Can You Escape? has the most basic format I know of for escape games: There are multiple rooms to escape from. Each room is different and unrelated from the others. There is no over-arching story but there are plenty of keys, matches, and codes to look for and some relaxing lounge music for your listening pleasure. Can You Escape? is a totally decent game.  I like the room designs. They’re all a bit different and there’s definitely some tongue-and-cheek decorating choices. So the question is, can you escape Can You Escape? ? There’s only one way to find out.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Difficulty Elements: low cascade | readily-apparent puzzle arrays

Aesthetic, Genre, straightforward, vacation

Escape a Parisian Hotel

Published by FUNKYLAND. I played this on android.

The Short: Fun. Cute. Relaxing.

Recommended if you like frilly bedspreads, tremendous armoires, imaginary room service

Description: Escape a Parisian Hotel is a quintessential “Vacation” escape game. You’re in fancy hotel room space and you must escape in order to get to your fancy dinner reservation. I liked this game even though it’s really nothing special. Also, I actually kinda liked the music.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Difficulty Elements:  readily-apparent puzzle arrays | low cascade | no Absurdity

Aesthetic, Genre, realistic, Seal of Goodness, Special Qualities, straightforward, vacation


Published by EXITs. I played this on android.

Versions: EXITs 1 and 2

The Short: Classic escape game with an upscale twist.

Recommended if you like Urban Outfitters housewares section, single origin coffee, the word “nifty”

Description: This game is basically perfect. Very challenging puzzles in trendy, minimalist rooms. Acceptable interface. With some levels, I actually really dug the music. On other levels I couldn’t believe they had chosen such obviously terrible music. So I guess, [[shruggie emoji]].

More images from EXITs:

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XON Episode One

Published by imagoFX. I played this on android.

Free Versions: Episode One
$ Versions: Episodes Two, Three, and Four

The Short: WOW! XON!

Recommended if you like the real mccoy, puzzleventures, Myst

Description: This game is the cat’s pajamas. If you are into puzzle-adventure games, welcome to your next four weekends because that’s how many episodes are currently available for XON. Awesome interface on android. You can just glide around and take in the beautiful graphics (look out for the sun halo — it’ll blind you [but in a good way]) and listen to the occasional raven crowing.

As of writing, I have only played Episode One because it was free. Zero mythology so far but the world has a very cohesive aesthetic. Crystal orbs, giant granite ziggurats, secret tunnels and plenty of levers to pull. Puzzles were challenging enough and it’s clear that Episode One is just a teaser so I imagine the difficulty only increases from here. I would and will pay $1.99 per episode to play more of this. BRAVO.

ProTip: Turn up your display brightness when playing Xon. The shadowing in this game does not fuck around. 

More images from Xon:

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Aesthetic, Genre, realistic, straightforward, vacation

MJ Room

Published by 58works. I played this on android.

The Short: Short and sweet.

Recommended if you like loft space, go-go boots, the single life.

Description: Who is MJ? Glittery knee-high boots, unicorns, a guitar, and a very full calendar, am I to believe that I am escaping a room in Michael Jackson’s house? Unclear. What is clear is that MJ Room is a good escape game. Good puzzles in an efficiently rendered space. This game is on the quicker side of things. I would call it Neat Escape‘s better-looking cousin. Full marks, nothing fancy.

Aesthetic, Genre, paranoid, realistic, straightforward, vacation

Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story

Published by Glitch Games. I played this on an iPad.

The Short: This game was good but felt like Part I of a bigger game.

Recommended if you like fireplaces, refurbished cabins, diagnosing other people’s problems.

Description: Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story is highly narrative with decent puzzles. The atmospheric design is very creepy though I expected a jump scare or some kind of revelatory development the entire time. None materialized. The space you explore is very cool, more fully realized than most room escapes. As a result, I felt disappointed when I won this game. I wanted to stick around longer and discover more about Alice. I would play another game by this company but I wouldn’t recommend this one. It was like a trailer somehow.

Aesthetic, cute, Genre, straightforward, vacation

Escape Fruit Kitchens

Published by FUNKYLAND. I played this on android.

The Short: Very adorable collection game posing as an escape game. Find and collect hidden items (i.e. fruits). Minimal puzzling.

Recommended if you like twee, adorabs, and bubble gum

If you’re all about cute things and wasting time then Escape Fruit Kitchens is for you. Seriously fun graphics. Find all the apples, bananas, pears, etc. In keeping with the precious design, this game features lots of sound effects and instructions on how to play the game.