Aesthetic, cartoonish, cascade, cute, Genre, Seal of Goodness, Special Qualities, straightforward


Published by Kotorinosu. I played this on android

The Short: Fantastic game. Do I detect a bit of humor at my expense?

Recommended if you like tranquil blues and Russian nesting dolls

Description: It has been a little while since I actually played this game but I wanted to get this post out of my draft queue so I’m going to do this purely from memory.

This game is medium hard. Kotorinsosu really succeeds at making games with good cascade.  Matryoshaka is no exception. Puzzle areas and tools tend to get re-used which expands the potentials in the game and makes gameplay a more dynamic experience.

Something else I really like about Matryoshka is the vague sense of cheekiness about how all of the different puzzles work together. I credit this as a design success. So much of what’s enjoyable about an escape game is learning the “rules” of the tiny space you’re invading. Really good creators know how to include a certain self-contained attitude or tone within the gamescape such that when you successfully solve something you can also roll your eyes a little, as if a good friend has done something that is just “so them.”

Difficulty Level: Medium
Difficulty Elements: cascade| esoteric puzzle arrays

Aesthetic, cartoonish, cute, Genre, minimalist, straightforward


Published by Kotorinosu. I played this on android.

The Short: I wanted to like these games. I like other games by this Publisher. But both of these games required some pretty enormous leaps of inference.

Recommended if you like beanbag chairs, Debussy, tidy work spaces

There is no denying it. Kotorinosu has swell graphics. ROOM Δ and ROOM Γ are no exceptions. They are minimalist and cute. I would call the difficulty level high on both game. Even bearing that in mind, I felt cheated by ROOM Δ and ROOM Γ  two specific times: Without spoiling anything (because maybe you’d rather see for yourself) I will describe:  Continue reading “ROOM Δ / ROOM Γ”

Aesthetic, cartoonish, cute, funny, Genre

Rescue the Labour

Published by Games2Jolly. I played this on android.

The Short: If you liked Rescue the Antsyou will like Rescue the Labour

Recommended if you like bad Japanese translations, clobbering things, Nickelodeon logic.

Description: I think they meant to call this game “Rescue the Worker” but something got lost in translation. This game is fun, short, and somewhat challenging. I liked it. If you want to read more, check out my post about Rescue the Ants.

Difficulty Level: Medium
Difficulty Elements: esoteric puzzle arrays | readily-apparent puzzle arrays | low Absurdity | low cascade

Aesthetic, Bad, cute, Genre, realistic

Chotto Escape 006 [Multiple Iterations]

Published by かもの巣窟 . I played this on android.

Iterations: 001 – 006

The Short: I accidentally played 006 first. I would rather get a paper cut than play o01 – 005.

Recommended if you like being trapped in freaky dollhouses, grating saxophones

Description: From a puzzling perspective, Chotto Escape 006 was fine. It was the aesthetic and atmospheric stuff that really turned me off. To be clear, this is not a horror/creep themed game. And yet, it sure felt like one. Maybe I just have some un-dealt with issues surrounding bears with giant doll heads, claustrophobic grass, and shrill saxophone music. I can’t say for sure why but this game made me feel like I needed an adult.

Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium
Difficulty Elements:  
low cascade| readily-apparent puzzle arrays |  no Absurdity

Aesthetic, cartoonish, cascade, cute, funny, Genre, Seal of Goodness, Special Qualities

Doodle Cat

The Short: Play with a funny cat and craft more and more items for the cat to play with.

Recommended if you like cats, New Yorker cartoons, tamagotchis

Doodle Cat is not an escape game. I decided to include it here though because this game made a big impression on me. It’s very clever and the minimalist design is a lot of fun. If you like escape games, you would probably like Doodle Cat as well. It is low key and it has incredible cascade. In fact, the whole game is basically just cascade, cascade, cascade in the form of item crafting. You begin with a few elements and must combine them to create a vast trove of treasures for your cat.


Aesthetic, beautiful, cartoonish, cute, fantastical, fantasy, Genre, many many, Seal of Goodness, Special Qualities


Published by Martin Magni. I played this on android.

In Short:  A superb game. Mekorama may be the lilliputian puzzle maze experience you’ve been craving all your life.

Recommended if you like legos, twee, Pixar

You are an adorable robot. Your giant baby eye is so top heavy that whenever you walk, you wobble like an irresistible robot toddler. Or maybe you an alien? Regardless, Mekorama is about mazes. Beautifully imagined, elaborately designed, Mekorama breathes new life into smooth, pixelated gamescapes that dominated an earlier age of puzzle games. In terms of difficulty, I found this game challenging almost right away but I’m not good at spatial reasoning. I become disoriented even in familiar spaces (I once got lost inside my high school when I was a junior). In Mekorama things quickly became too difficult for me  but I sense that this game would be difficult even for people who don’t have my proneness to becoming lost.

The mazes are not straightforward. You duck and weave through turrets, caves and towers. The only puzzling involved here is operating moving parts like bridges, elevators, or rotating spiral grates to alter each tiny building’s navigational routes. Mekorama is Tetris‘s cute pie cousin with the mega-watt eyelashes.

More photos because this game is so cool looking:

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Aesthetic, cute, Genre, straightforward, vacation

Escape Fruit Kitchens

Published by FUNKYLAND. I played this on android.

The Short: Very adorable collection game posing as an escape game. Find and collect hidden items (i.e. fruits). Minimal puzzling.

Recommended if you like twee, adorabs, and bubble gum

If you’re all about cute things and wasting time then Escape Fruit Kitchens is for you. Seriously fun graphics. Find all the apples, bananas, pears, etc. In keeping with the precious design, this game features lots of sound effects and instructions on how to play the game.