Published by EXITs. I played this on android.  Iterations: EXITs 1 – EXITs 4 The Short: This series is turning into a dynasty. Recommended if you like air plants, light fixtures, the word “tableaux” Description: EXITs is one of my favorite series. These puzzles are always on point, as are these snazzy, jazzy rooms. If you’ve ever wondered what … Continue reading EXITs3


Published by EXITs. I played this on android.  Versions: EXITs 1 and 2 The Short: Classic escape game with an upscale twist. Recommended if you like Urban Outfitters housewares section, single origin coffee, the word “nifty” Description: This game is basically perfect. Very challenging puzzles in trendy, minimalist rooms. Acceptable interface. With some levels, I actually really dug the music. … Continue reading EXITs


Published by ArtDigic. I played this on android. The Short: A feisty little game!  Recommended if you like snooty art, French doors, frou frou floor tiling Description: This game really impressed me. Both the design and the game play were well above average. Let’s start with the room: talk about nice digs! This room has personality. Unlike a thousand other games … Continue reading Nordic2

Room Escape [SECRET CODE] [Multiple Iterations]

Published by Gam.eBB. I played this on android.  Iterations: 1 through 4 The Short: Exactly what you would expect but just a little different. Recommended if you like polished floors, odd souvenirs, time bombs Description: The Room Escape [Secret Code] series is quite good! There’s nothing magical or bizarre going on in these rooms. It’s just good puzzling. Poke around … Continue reading Room Escape [SECRET CODE] [Multiple Iterations]

Escape Games Suck

Not true! I think escape games rule. So when I’m playing a particularly good one, I will show them to my friends. But they always appear confused or bored when I try to explain why the game is exciting. I guess I have to admit, the premise sounds kind of lame. Escape from a room? … Continue reading Escape Games Suck