Published by Pixibots. I played this on android.

The Short:  Fun with hieroglyphics minus the worry of raising the dead.

Recommended if you like runes, grids, neutral tones

Description: Cryptica is not an escape game. It’s a spatial reasoning puzzle game with sort of an Aztec-y aesthetic. In each level, you are presented with a grid. The grid contains at least one Active Stone and that Active Stone’s match-spot. You must move the Active Stone or Stones to their respective match spots to win. The trick in this game comes when you get multiple Active Stones. All Active Stones move in unison so when you move an individual stone once to the left, you move all of the Active Stones once to the left. The game is further complicated by Inactive Stones that work to block the Active Stones.

I love the shit out of this game. It has a really intuitive interface, great audio accompaniment to game play, and it’s challenging in just the right way. This is also a game where you can really get “in the zone” by playing multiple levels in a row, your brain really starts to think along the grid. The next time you’re meeting someone for coffee, especially your one friend who is always 15 minutes late, download Cryptica and feel the time fly by.

Difficulty Level: Medium
Difficulty Elementsreadily-apparent puzzles



Published by 58works. I played this on android. 

The Short: Great, short escape game with a wacky ending.

Recommended if you like flash animation, jungles, Indiana Jones

Description: A short escape game that manages to create surprising moments. The world of the game actually expands as you play which is somewhat rare among shorter, free-er escape games. Good puzzles, on the difficult side of things but nothing too crazy. Ruins has a pretty good interface for an app game. If you’re a regular escape game player you will definitely appreciate the little joke 58works programmed in if you try to use the knife on the man.

Difficulty:  Medium
Difficulty Elementsgreat cascade | readily apparent puzzles | straightforward & esoteric interfaces | typical & unique solves | some Absurdity