editorial: where am I?

When I am escaping from rooms, I sometimes stop and wonder, “Who’s room is this anyway?”  Who am “I” in this game and who does this room belong to? Am I an intruder? Is this my own room but I need to escape for some reason?

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The Stanley Parable ($)

Published by Galactic Cafe. I played this on Microsoft Windows. 

The Short: Probably the most sophisticated and intellectual escape game ever created. Do not play to win. Do watch the hilarious trailer. Costs 15.00 USD.

Recommended if you like fatalism, Ingmar Bergman, bucking authority

The Stanley Parable is a meta-game creation that deconstructs the very notion of an escape game. Actually, I think the creator’s intention was to deconstruct the very notion of all games, escape themed or otherwise. Arguably, The Stanley Parable calls into question the notion of choice itself in every context, especially as it relates to your flesh and blood life. Rife with British snark and mind bending consequences to your avatar’s actions, The Stanley Parable will either make you laugh out loud or scar you for life. It just depends on your personality.

There are no puzzles but there is an escape. Enjoy.

Contributing writer and co-player of this game: Chris S.

Difficulty:  Easy
Difficulty ElementsAbsurdity | straightforward puzzles