Top Ten

I review a lot of games and many of my favorites tend to get lost in the shuffle. So in addition to calling out games that are good, I would also like to enshrine a Top Ten for escape games that I think are really amazing.

The Best Escape Games

No. 1 – Cube Escape (Rusty Lake) –  Strange, melancholy, and beautiful. There’s nothing quite like the world of Cube Escape.


No. 2 – The Room – A magical, clockwork universe that’s been turned on its head. Follow the trail, blazed by a mad man. ($)



No. 3 –  Myst – The original, mythic point-and-click adventure. Traverse the Ages and see if you can outmaneuver the masters of the universe. ($)



No. 4 – Forgotten Hill  – A trio of disturbing adventures. Turns out there’s more than one way to be kidnapped.


No. 5 – Samorost 3 – Gorgeous and imaginative artwork with a beautiful story nestled inside. Also, furry planets in space. ($)


No. 6 – Escape from Escape Room – A janky, absurd little exercise. If you already like escape games, this will make you lol.


No. 7 – Sphinx – Pyramids, ancient machinery, mummies. An excellent puzzling experience.


No. 8 – G.R.E.E.N. – An intimidating, geometric anomaly. If you can get your bearings, you might just make it out.


No. 9 – The Stanley Parable – If you think you might enjoy running commentary from a snarky British man, this is the ironic adventure for you. ($)


No. 10 –  XON – Need more Myst? XON’s got you covered. ($)xon-4



Honorable Mentions

Spotlight – The creeps. Everything is dirty.
Gen-Kan – Funny. You die a lot.