Escape Games Suck

Not true!

I think escape games rule. So when I’m playing a particularly good one, I will show them to my friends. But they always appear confused or bored when I try to explain why the game is exciting. I guess I have to admit, the premise sounds kind of lame. Escape from a room? That really does sound stupid.

Escape games are really just a variation on a logic puzzle. So, if you enjoy riddles, brain teasers, or hearing the explanations behind magic tricks I think it is likely you will enjoy an escape game. Maybe logic puzzles make you feel bad because you have observed other people solving them easily while you find them difficult. I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. People who are good at solving logic puzzles are only good at them because they literally do them all the time. Escape games are a fun way to enter this field of knowledge and they are totally non-competitive. In fact, escape games are way more fun than regular logic puzzles because they are immersive and sometimes contain a story.

An important aspect of any escape game is the graphic design. Some are hyper-realistic while others are composed of really interesting animation and cartoon work. Many are scary, others beautiful, and also there a bunch that are mainly for kids. And best of all, if you have bothered to read this far into my argument in favor of escape games, it is absolutely certain that you have the attention span required to enjoy one.

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